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HCE completes construction of “Technology Innovation Center,” the cradle of quality innovation

Hyundai Construction Equipment(HCE) completed the construction of the “Technology Innovation Center,” which will be the cradle of quality innovation, to pave the way for strengthening brand reliability.
A completion ceremony for the Technology Innovation Center was held by Hyundai Construction Equipment in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do on October 26 (Wed.), 2020, with CEO Kong Ki-young and executives and employees in attendance.

Construction of the Technology Innovation Center was commenced in September 2019 and was completed by establishing the reliability assessment building and the performance evaluation laboratory for finished equipment on a total land area of 40,000㎡ (12,200-pyeong), with total investment of KRW 77 billion.

The Center will accommodate 16 laboratories with some 100 research personnel to carry out quality research and verification from parts to finished equipment.

In particular, Hyundai Construction Equipment has established the integrated control system office combining cutting-edge ICT technology inside the Center in order to monitor the existing durability center in Gunsan and the laboratory and testing ground in the Technology Innovation Center and control all kinds of data comprehensively.

In addition, the reliability assessment building is equipped with a large environmental chamber that can check the performance of equipment in extreme environments from -40 ° C to 80 ° C, including simulators and state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment in order to conduct thorough preliminary checking and verification from the development stage.

Furthermore, various researches and experiments will be conducted such as eco-friendly technology, high efficiency, noise reduction technology, and sophistication of virtual verification system to cope with the increasingly stricter exhaust gas regulations. Therefore, the Technology Innovation Center is expected to become the cradle of advancement of construction equipment quality and technology.

“We should never compromise when it comes to our investments in quality innovation even during the recession. Instead, we should strive to make a sharp improvement in quality from the development stage so as to repay our clients for their trust,” said Kong Ki-young, CEO of Hyundai Construction Equipment, during the building completion ceremony.