HD HYUNDAI Simbol mark

We bring the future closer to humanity by steering innovation and defying our limits

  • Unlocking the
    limitless potential
    of the ocean

    To pioneer new ways of capturing untapped opportunities of the ocean by leading ocean mobility and green ocean energy with electrification technology, autonomous engineering and digital platforms

  • Shaping a
    sustainable energy

    To lead carbon-free energy transition by developing next-generation clean technology, building capabilities across value chains of future energy including hydrogen and innovating advanced material technology

  • Transcending
    limitations of
    industrial solutions

    To contribute to the improvement of safety and efficiency of all industries by expanding the dimensions of industrial solutions through convergence with artificial intelligence and robotics

icon Innovation to lead

Transform the way we work with creative mindset.

Shape the future of our industry through innovative and disruptive technology.

icon Challenge without fear

Challenge ourselves relentlessly to create new values.

Foster a culture of challenging without fear by embracing failure.

icon Care with respect

Respect diversity and encourage open communication.

Care for our people’s personal and professional growth.

Make a better world by upholding social responsibility.

icon Safety for us and for all

Pursue the highest safety standards for our people and workplace.

Contribute to the safety of customers, society and humanity with our products.