The key to our success lies in the “Hyundai Spirit” created by Hyundai Group’s founder Chung Ju-yung. He firmly believed that we can accomplish what was thought to be theoretically impossible by exploiting our unlimited potential and unwavering drive.

Wisdom to seek novelty and innovation to meet the needs of customers and the society

Attitude to face challenges with a strong sense of ownership

Power to achieve goals with a strong spirit and indomitable will
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group
A Respected Corporation with Advanced Technologies and High-Quality Products
A Trusted Corporation with Fair and Transparent Management
An Admired Corporation with Social Contributions

The Hyundai Heavy Industries Group has established five management philosophies for all employees to practice, in order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. We will:
Enhance corporate value through
continued growth by:
  • Discovering and growing promising businesses
  • Securing talents for future growth
  • Pursuing flexibility in management systems
  • Solidifying global management systems
Uphold fair and transparent business
practices by:
  • Respecting laws, regulations and business ethics
  • Engaging in open and fair competitions
  • Fostering clean climate of trading with suppliers
Ensure safe and eco-friendly
management by:
  • Creating comfortable and safe environments to work in
  • Preventing accidents through strong self-discipline
  • Pioneering the development of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Going greener in production practices at worksites
Keep up mutual respect and trust in
business relations by:
  • Fostering a vibrant corporate culture based on trust and egalitarianism
  • Fulfilling all our responsibilities and duties to enhance competitiveness
  • Improving the quality of life and encouraging self-development of employees
Contribute to the development of the
society as a global corporate citizen by:
  • Promoting cultural enrichment and welfare in the local community
  • Contributing to national development through job creation and tax payment
  • Striving for collective prosperity through value creation in businesses