HD Hyundai’s new logo is the most crucial visual element and represents the group’s identity.


The symbolic mark, “Forward Mark”, is an evolution of the original triangle transformed into a dimensional forward arrow rendered with different shades of green. It symbolizes the unity of HD Hyundai’s diverse businesses and describes our wider strategic goals empowering industries and humanity with the essential technologies for building a sustainable future.

Margin and Size Requirements

Sufficient clear space around logo to protect the visual impact from other factors.



Signature Type

The signature is a balanced combination of the symbol mark and logo design, which can be positioned depending on medium, such as digital and offline application.


Color Requirements

The shades of HD Green symbolize how we move toward greener and smarter business for future growth. The shade of HD Blue represents our expertise and reliability in the heavy industries, forging ahead in a new age of discovery to lead the change needed for a sustainable future.

  • HD
    Eco Green

    Pantone 802C
    C60 M0 Y100 K0
    R0 G230 B0

  • HD

    Pantone 354C
    C85 M0 Y100 K0
    R0 G173 B29

  • HD

    Pantone 348C
    C100 M0 Y100 K30
    R0 G130 B51

  • HD

    Pantone 287C
    C100 M80 Y0 K25
    R0 G48 B135

  • HD
    Trust Blue

    Pantone 655C
    C100 M75 Y0 K60
    R0 G37 B84