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The HD Hyundai Group embarked on a holding company system and launched HD Hyundai by spinning off its core businesses.

The Group has made constant efforts to maximize its business capabilities and value under the new management environment. We have gone through a great shift to create growth engines and tide over current challenges. We believe this initiative will lay a solid foundation for a better future of the Group. Taking this opportunity, I would like to appreciate the support you have shown in the course of transitioning to the holding company structure. Particularly, our special thanks go to all employees of the Group for their best efforts and firm belief amid the rapid changes.

Now, the HD Hyundai Group is making a new leap toward becoming a technological powerhouse. We will transform ourselves to be a corporate group with the strongest competiveness based on the core value of “Technology and Quality.” It is also essential to provide full-fledged support to the new affiliates so that they can emerge as major players in their respective fields. The more specialized reformation will strengthen independently accountable management for newly launched affiliates.

The HD Hyundai Group will be a respected corporation with advanced technologies and high-quality products; a trusted corporation with fair and transparent management; and an admired corporation with social contributions. We are navigating an uncertain future, but we firmly believe that we can tide over the crisis by pulling our efforts and resources together.
We value your continual support and interest.

CEO of HD HYUNDAI Kwon Oh-gap, Chung Ki-sun