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HCE Commercializes Smart ‘Machine Guidance’ Excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) newly shows an excavator applied to the ‘Machine Guidance (MG)’ technology, the pre-stage technology before an unmanned excavator.
On July 10, HCE announced that it has developed a smart excavator installed the MG system based on ICT and AI technologies. HCE plans to commercialize the smart excavator after a final test, certification and mass production by September 2018.

The MG system guides the operator to correct the information on the excavator’s locations, movement range and work scope using sensors, controllers and a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The system automatically displays the work information on the machine’s monitor, so it doesn’t need workers who survey the operating conditions in the field. It can reduce not only 20 % of construction time and cost but also danger of accident.

HCE’s MG technology drives the convergence of ICT and AI technologies such as sensors, controllers and a global navigation satellite system into HCE’s earth-moving equipment to guide the operator to correct operating information in a real time and mark cost-saving and efficiency-reinforcing features that:
- Reduce construction cost and time by more than 20 % by easing the survey work and minimizing the unnecessary operation
- Prevent possible safety accidents by limiting the machine’s operation within designated work points and sites

HCE has conducted field demonstration tests for the machines with the MG system in construction fields since last November. Further to this intelligent system, HCE plans to develop a ‘Machine Control (MC)’ machine that enables the machine to operate specific works in a semi-autonomous way next year. HCE’s ambitious plan is to realizethe ‘Smart Construction’, a future construction platform which integrates machine guidance and control technologies, by 2021.

HCE’s researching executive said, “HCE developed the remote control system ‘Hi-MATE’ in 2008 and improves users’ convenience by analyzing various data acquired from more than 100,000 machines HCE provided since then. We are committed to boost our market position and shares with consistent R&D efforts to respond to customer needs.”

* Smart Construction: Intelligent technology that collects, analyzes and controls information on whole process ranging from survey, construction and maintenance after completion based on ICT.