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Hyundai Heavy Industries Commemorates the Late Founder Chung Ju-yung on the 17th Anniversary of His Passing

On March 21, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) commemorated Chung Ju-yung (also known as Asan), the late founder of Hyundai Group, on the 17th anniversary of his passing.
On this day, HHI arranged a stand in front of Asan’s torso in its headquarters so that anyone could come and pay respects to the late leader. Scores of admirers of Asan gathered to pay floral tributes to the late founder.
Not only HHI employees but also representatives from five middle and high schools under Hyundai Educational Foundation, including Hyundai High School and Hyundai Chungun High School founded by Asan, offered flowers to the memorial stone of Asan in reverence of the late founder on the same day.
On March 17, executives of the HHI Group—namely HHI, Hyundai Mipo Dockyard and Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries—visited the grave of Asan in Gyeonggi Province to mark the anniversary of Asan’s death. On March 20, Ulsan University organized a commemorative concert in Hyundai Art Center in Dong-gu, Ulsan.
In the concert, Ulsan String Players Chamber Orchestra and the Music Department of Ulsan University performed Beethoven’s "Egmont Overture," as well as "Requiem" written by Ryu Jae-joon to honor Asan’s patriotic and pioneering spirit.
HHI is committed to overcoming current industry headwinds by upholding the late founder’s pioneering spirit and indomitable will. As part of this effort, HHI unveiled a torso of Asan at the lobby of the main building in its headquarters to celebrate the entrepreneurship of Asan in November 2017.