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Hyundai Heavy Industries Group Wins Nine CES 2023 Innovation Awards with Its Next Generation Technology in Green Energy and Mobility

▶ Five subsidiaries of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group including Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering and Hyundai Electric, receive awards for their flagship products
▶ Hyundai Heavy Industries Group aims to lead global market by leveraging technology recognized for its potential and competitive edge
SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 17, 2022 -- Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group announced that it has won nine awards at CES 2023 Innovation Awards for its next generation technologies. This achievement recognizes HHI Group's continued dedication to bringing world-class innovation.

CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition held by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which honors products with outstanding technologies and innovation ahead of CES, the world's largest IT and consumer electronics trade show held January in Las Vegas, USA.

"We have won nine meaningful innovation awards at a gathering of the world's most innovative technologies," said a representative of HHI Group. "We will continue to lead the global market by leveraging our innovation that has received recognition for its potential and competitive edge."

Following are the details of seven selected HHI Group's award-winning products and solutions:

- Korea Shipbuilding & Outshore Engineering (KSOE): Hyundai Intelligent (Hi)-GAS+, an LNG fuel supply management system based on AI autonomous ship navigation; Hi-eco Electric Propulsion System (EPS), a next-generation electric propulsion system for ships

- Hyundai Electric: Complex Energy Management System (CEMS), an industrial complex energy management system; GREENTRIC ECO 170kV GIS, eco-friendly high-voltage circuit breakers

- Hyundai Doosan Infracore: XiteSafety, a construction site safety management platform

- Hyundai Energy Solutions: HYUNDAI Mobility Solar, a solar energy mobility solution

- Avikus: NeuBoat, an autonomous navigation solution for recreational boats

- KSOE won the award for its AI and big data-based fuel supply management system, which offers optimal operational efficiency for LNG-powered ships, and its next-generation electric propulsion system for ships, which combines the technologies of HHI Group's three shipbuilding subsidiaries.

Hyundai Electric, a motor and generator manufacturing company under HHI Group, received awards in three categories, for two of its products, which are eco-friendly high voltage circuit breaker and industrial complex energy management system. These award categories are Smart Cities, Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy.

Hyundai Doosan Infracore, HHI's construction equipment manufacturer affiliate, was honored for its advanced construction site safety management platform technology, which prevents collisions between equipment and workers, while Hyundai Energy Solutions, a solar energy unit of HHI Group, received awards in two categories for its electric vehicle solution that integrates solar technology.

In the field of autonomous navigation technology, Avikus, a company of HHI Group specializing in autonomous ship navigation, won the Innovation Award for NeuBoat, its autonomous navigation solution for leisure boats.

Details of HHI Group's award-winning products and solutions


Hi-GAS+ is an LNG fuel supply management system for AI autonomous ships. The system utilizes AI and big data to offer optimal operation that considers both the autonomy and fuel efficiency of LNG-powered ships. It also provides a gas consumption reduction solution that can minimize unnecessary Boil-Off-Gas (BOG) generation.

Hi-EPS, the next-generation electric propulsion system for ships, combines the technologies of HHI Group's three shipbuilding companies. It is an eco-friendly, high-performance, and high-stability electric propulsion solution. This high-performance power generation system supplies stable power despite rapid fluctuations in propulsion output, allowing for breakthrough improvement in propulsion performance.

Hyundai Electric

CEMS, the cloud-based industrial complex energy management system, won awards in both categories of Smart Cities and the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy. CEMS is an energy platform designed to help realize green industrial complexes through efficient management of energy, based on information and communication technology (ICT).

GREENTRIC ECO 170kV GIS, the eco-friendly high-voltage circuit breaker, is the world's first eco-friendly 170kV 50kA 60Hz product developed with domestic technology, and it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to approximately 99% compared to existing products.

Hyundai Doosan Infracore

XiteSafety, a construction site safety management platform, is a technology that can be installed on excavation equipment at construction sites to prevent collisions between equipment and workers. It features functions that actively control equipment, such as the ultra-wideband antenna which can recognize the smart tag of a worker approaching within working radius and activates a warning alarm or blocks off hydraulic pressure.

Hyundai Energy Solutions

HYUNDAI Mobility Solar, the solar energy mobility solution, is an eco-friendly solution which integrates solar technologies for electric cars. The solar car roof uses high-efficiency solar cells and a special high-transmission glass to produce high output, and the solar hood equipped with Thin & Flexible technology can be applied to the vehicle exterior in various forms. These solutions can effectively increase mileage.


NeuBoat, an autonomous solution for leisure boats, recognizes, judges, and controls situations on its own in various maritime environments based on AI to create optimal navigation routes. The solution also includes berthing technology, which can greatly reduce the risk of accidents at sea.

Photo. Hi-EPS by KSOE, the next-generation electric propulsion system for ships