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HHI Group Declares ESG Vision “Future From the Ocean” and Slogan

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Group announced a new vision and slogan communicating the Group's commitment to realizing future growth and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) values, helping accelerate the spread a corporate culture that embraces ESG.
HHI Group announced on November 1, 2021 that it has set “Future From the Ocean” as the Group's ESG management vision with a supporting slogan “Beyond Blue Forward to Green.”

The self-explanatory vision was inspired by the ocean, home to a significant portion of HHI Group’s shipbuilding and offshore business activities which laid the foundation for the Group’s triumphant development, expressing its commitment to sustainable management to achieve carbon neutrality and to preserve the natural ecosystem.

The slogan, established together with the vision, conveys the Group’s ambition to go “beyond blue” by pursuing innovation-driven changes in the core businesses such as shipbuilding and offshore engineering and to go “forward to green” by transitioning toward eco-friendly future businesses as a first-mover.

Following the announcement of the ESG vision and slogan, HHI Group will identify areas of focus for each of the three ESG pillars and come up with a set of metrics for performance evaluation common to all entities within the Group.

The idea is to establish a strategic system to monitor enterprise-wide ESG management activities with a view to nurturing an ESG management culture across the Group.

Earlier on October 15, the Group, to examine the direction of ESG management, held the first meeting of its ESG Advisory Committee attended by the ESG Advisory Group members composed of external experts in environment, shared growth, compliance, and other relevant areas, as well as Ka Sam-hyun, Vice Chairman and CEO of Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering (KSOE), who serves as the Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

This was shortly followed by each company's ESG committee meeting, where the Group's ESG vision and slogan were communicated.

Further, HHI Group plans to launch its ESG website and an ESG internship program at the end of this year, to spread an ESG-driven culture across various internal and external stakeholders and to provide opportunities for college students, who represent the future generations, to learn about ESG management in a systematic manner.

“The declaration of our ESG vision and slogan represents HHI Group’s commitment to more systematic ESG management practices,” said Mr. Ka, the Group’s CSO. “We are committed to leading the way in tackling the environmental issues facing the world today by spreading the ESG management culture and will do our best to create a better future with eco-friendly technologies.”