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HCE announces of 5G-based unmanned autonomous forklift results

HCE (Hyundai Construction Equipment), jointly with KT, held a session announcing the results of the 5G-based unmanned autonomous forklift demonstration at its Gunsan Factory.
Attending the session was the HCE President Kong Ki-young and the KT Vice President Jeon Hong-beom. The two checked the establishment results of ICT-based ‘smart logistics solutions’ and discussed how to work together for the solution’s commercialization.

Last May, the two companies started the joint development of a smart logistics solution, which is a next-generation industrial vehicle platform. The HCE’s unmanned autonomous forklift-related technology combines with KT’s 5G, AI, and ICT technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, etc.

During the session, the two companies raised business observers’ expectation for the rapid commercialization of smart logistics solution by successfully carrying out △5G-based unmanned autonomous forklift remote management/control technology demonstration, △AI-based emergency voice control functions of unmanned autonomous forklift. △3D unmanned autonomous forklift GPS, and △AR-based remote support solution.

It was noteworthy, which led to attendees to stand in awe, when the session introduced the forklifts’ ability to stop for itself: when it recognized a dangerous situation close to it; or in response to the simple order to “stop”: or by using the forklifts remote controls while using the information collected through real-time 5G technology.

Commenting on the session, HCE President Kong Ki-young said, “Global logistics markets are evolving rapidly with the introduction of an innovative logistics system using digital technology. We will work closely with KT to introduce 5G-based cutting-edge unmanned autonomous forklifts that will lead others in the logistics automation and smart factory markets.

During his turn, KT Vice President Jeon Hong-beom said, “The session enabled us to ascertain the result of ABC (AI, Big data, Cloud)-based digital smart logistic solution, conversions. We will speed-up the logistics automation research, taking users’ convenience and efficiency into account.”

Meanwhile, HCE is striving for the development of smart logistics solutions includes control, recharging facilities, and warehouse management systems. In April, last year, it became the country’s first business to commercialize unmanned autonomous forklift technology, which engages in autonomous driving through optimal paths, recognizing the surroundings, including obstacles in the workplace.