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HCE joins hands with KT to advance smart logistics solutions

Hyundai Construction Equipment, which launched Korea’s first autonomous forklifts, is planning to advance smart logistics solutions using KT’s 5G communication network and artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
Hyundai CE announced that it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with KT on 12th May, with about 10 officials attending, including Hyundai CE President Kong Ki-young and KT Vice President Jeon Hong-beom (Head of the AI/DX Convergence Business Group), regarding the joint development of 5G technology-based solutions for smart construction equipment and material handling.

This MOU will enable the two companies to combine their technologies, the autonomous vehicle technology of Hyundai Construction Equipment and KT’s ICT technologies such as 5G communication and AI, to supply the advanced smart logistics solutions to the market.

In particular, it is expected that this technological cooperation will further enhance the remote governing and control level of autonomous forklift and realize a remote service system that is operated by AI voice control solution, video, and augmented reality (AR).

Hyundai CE’s autonomous forklift technology is a state-of-the-art logistics solution that autonomously recognizes the environment and obstacles in the workplace and navigates through the optimal routes, on its own thereby greatly increasing productivity, thanks to the enhanced circulation speed and efficiently utilized logistics space.

The risk of accidents in the workplace can be significantly reduced because the work is carried out along a planned path. Moreover, recent market prospects have become brighter with untact technology gaining attention because of COVID-19.

Kong Ki-young, President of Hyundai CE, said, "A large number of officials from the automobiles and electronics companies attended our recent demonstration of autonomous forklifts held at the Eumseong Global Logistics Center in Chungbuk, and their orders for introducing the treasure demonstrated have been pouring in. In addition to autonomous forklifts, we will supply the entire logistics solution covering the control system, charging facilities, warehouse management system (WMS), and manufacturing execution system (MES) to lead the market."

Jeon Hong-beom, Vice President of KT, also said, "This cooperation will be a spring board, to advance the material handling using the new technologies, such as 5G and AI, and further we expect innovation in manufacturing and logistics fields to come true. KT will continue to push ahead with digital transformation of Korean industries by use of our ICT capabilities."

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Heavy Industries Group continues to work with KT to upgrade its smart factory and smart shipyard business through a combination of its robot development technology and shipbuilding technology with KT’s 5G, big data, and AI technologies.