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Hyundai Robotics Teams Up with POSCO ICT to Lead Smart Factory Market

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) Holdings’ robot business has recently signed with POSCO ICT a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop smart factory solutions based on industrial robot technology at POSCO ICT’s headquarters in Pangyo, Gyeonggi Province of Korea. The signing ceremony was attended by COO of Hyundai Robotics (the representative brand of HHI Holdings’ robot business) Seo Yoo-seong and CEO of POSCO ICT Son Geon-jae, among others.
The two parties will form a consortium to create synergy through joint marketing and operations to increase their competitiveness to win smart factory orders. In this collaboration, Hyundai Robotics, which claims the largest share in the Korean market for industrial robots, will be responsible for smart factory process diagnosis and robot-based automation equipment construction.

POSCO ICT, for its part, will be charged with factory examination and robot service consulting and engineering for clients set to adopt smart factory solutions, as well as developing applications for manufacturing, quality, equipment, energy and safety control which will be running on PosFrame, POSCO’s own smart factory platform.

The two partners will work together to offer 3D modeling consulting services that would analyze the client’s current manufacturing process and then simulate a smart factory environment demonstrating what it would be like when robot technology is applied. Also planned is offering of a cloud-based operation and maintenance platform that will enable real-time monitoring of equipment operation and analysis of relevant data for the purpose of taking preemptive action against potential issues such as equipment breakdown. It is envisaged that these services will combine to enable integrated O&M (operation & maintenance) of the entire factories of the client by integrating operation of robots across all stages of the manufacturing process and linking up with the existing systems.

“We expect this MoU will pave the way for the two companies to make the most of their respective strengths to create synergy,” said an official of Hyundai Robotics. “Hyundai Robotics will make all-out efforts to stand as a leader pioneering the smart factory market, preparing for the fourth industrial revolution.”

A source at POSCO ICT also said, “the MoU with Hyundai Robotics will set us apart from our competitors in the area of smart factory solutions based on industrial robot technology,” adding, “our ambition is to offer pioneering, specialized robot services to meet the needs of various manufacturing industries with a view to supporting our clients in sharpening their competitive edge at the manufacturing sites.”