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HHI Opens Korea’s Largest Comprehensive Training Center for Occupational Safety

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) held an opening ceremony of HHI Integrated Safety Training Center on Tuesday at the headquarters office in Ulsan, attended by CEO Han Young-seuk, government officials from Ministry of Employment and Labor and other representatives of labor and management.
Spanning 3,591㎡, HHI’s newly-opened safety training center is the largest of its kind among the nation’s corporate safety centers, offering a breadth of courses at its 11 training areas: five for theoretical training, another five for practical training and one for demonstration.

At the five theoretical training areas including one accommodating up to 150 trainees and three up to 20 each, a suite of methodical courses are available to equip trainees with safety knowledge, including statutory occupational safety education and other 57 safety and health training programs that offer real-life workplace safety stories, safety leadership training for supervisors, job hazard analysis training and others.

The five practical training areas, the core facilities of the center, recreate real-world scenarios with miniature equipment and structures modeled after the real ones workers use to carry out their jobs. Under a total of 20 programs, each of the five areas is dedicated to customized training for: working at heights; operating cranes; operating mechanical/electrical equipment; working in enclosed spaces; and operating forklifts/high-reach forklifts. Next year will see the addition of new areas for painting and blasting.

The demonstration area is designed to reawaken trainees to the dangers that exist in their routine work every day, providing them with opportunities to experience simulated accidents, including falls, ladder falls and crashes, staged in demonstration facilities and virtual reality environments.

Training offerings at HHI Integrated Safety Training Center will reach out beyond its own people. Each year, some 20,000 employees of HHI’s partner companies will also benefit.

“To prevent workplace accidents, well-organized safety knowledge education must be paired with hands-on training and demonstration tailored to the specific situations our people are facing on the ground,” said CEO Han Young-seuk. “The Comprehensive Safety Training Center represents a major milestone in our enduring efforts to ensure a safe workplace, which will continue.”