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HHI Builds World’s First 'Cyber Security-Ready' Vessel

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) said last Monday it has recently earned a Cyber Security-Ready (CS-Ready) Notation from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for a very large crude carrier (VLCC) it built to deliver to a European shipowner at the end of this month.

What this certifies is that HHI is equipped with a security technology to protect critical control systems of a ship against cyber security threats from both inside and outside the ship. Before awarding the CS-Ready Notation to HHI, ABS conducted in late October a thorough examination of the cyber-readiness of the critical control and communication systems of the vessel.

HHI’s achievement comes against the backdrop of the growing use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in marine navigation, which is highlighting the need for safeguards to protect a ship’s onboard systems and data against the risk of hacking and other forms of cyber aggression.

As a case in point, Maersk, the world’s largest container shipping company, suffered losses of approximately USD 300 million last year due to a devastating ransomware attack that seriously disrupted the vessel operator’s logistics management system, bringing the loading and discharging operation to a halt.

“As a global leader in marine cyber security, ABS is pleased to be working with HHI to ensure the next generation of vessels is better equipped to address the increased level of cyber risk they will certainly face,” said Paul R. Walters, Director of the Global ABS CyberSafety program.

“The ABS CS-Ready Notation that we were recently awarded affirms that HHI is poised to take marine cyber security to the next level at a time when the requirements are increasingly becoming more demanding,” said Joo Won-ho, Head of Corporate Technology Institute. “By integrating this cyber security technology into our newly constructed ships down the road, we aim to further increase our competitive edge in the market with the highest-quality products.”

HHI has been pioneering the cyber security standard for new vessels with efforts, among others, to develop an integrated cyber security certification program for vessel operating systems and related software applications, developing in 2011 Integrated Smart Ship Solution (ISSS), the first of its kind in the shipbuilding industry, which has been applied to around 300 ships so far.