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HCE Launched Korea’s First Electric Mini-Excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCE) announced that it developed a Korea’s first battery-powered mini-excavator in collaboration with the global engine maker Cummings.
The new product is the fully electric 3.5-ton mini-excavator, which can be operated for up to eight hours depending on working conditions and demonstrate the same performance with conventional diesel machines.

Having conducted joint research on structure engineering, machine manufacturing and electrical systems of battery and electric drive motors, HCE and Cummings completed product development and performance test of a new electric-powered mini-excavator.

Particularly, the new electric-powered mini-excavator is eco-friendly in that it uses electric motors to significantly reduce noise and save up to 60% of fuel compared to excavators fitted with conventional diesel engines.

The new mini-excavator is perfect to perform in the tight space such as buildings, alleys and underground space in the urban workplaces.

As it achieves zero gas emissions, the new electric machine can meet the toughest Tier-4 Final emission regulations in North America, and can respond to regulations, which will take effective from 2025 to ban diesel engine vehicles from entering downtown in main European cities.

HCE is committed to developing technology for eco-friendly electric mini-excavators as the market is increasingly expanding.

Kim Dae-sun, head of HCE’s R&D division, said, “We plan to steadily expanding our electric-operated lineup by launching our electric mini-excavator in the North American market in 2021. We are actively responding to market and customer needs through sustainable R&D commitments such as the development of intelligent excavators.”

As a leading excavator manufacturer, HCE developed the Korea’s first reel excavators of which power is provided through the attached electricity reel. HCE also unveiled the Korea’s first battery-powered electric excavator in 2016.

※ Photo: 3.5-ton Electric Mini-Excavator Developed by HCE and Commings