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Hyundai Electric Opens the Korea’s First Reliability Center for Electrical Machinery

Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems (Hyundai Electric) announced on May 10 that it opened the Korea’s first electric Reliability Center to secure more competitiveness and enhance its R&D capability in the electric machinery industry.
The opening ceremony was attended by Joo Young-keol, CEO of Hyundai Electric; Chung Ki-sun, Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Planning of HHI Holdings; Kang Byeong-gu, Director General of Standards Policy of Korean Agency for Technology and Standards; Chang Se-chang, chairman and Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association and 150 other guests.

Hyundai Electric invested KRW 20.7 billion to build the three-story and one-underground building center with one underground floor inside its R&D Center in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province. The new Reliability Center features 51 testing equipment and 13 test labs including those of raw materials, insulating performance and accelerated life.

Hyundai Electric expected the reliability center to help shorten the product development period through specialized researches for product durability, environmental performance and stability, reducing the outsourcing cost for tests.

Hyundai Electric expects the reliability center would help it reduce product development period and save costs by allowing it to study product durability and stability on its own at the center. In particular, its raw materials testing lab is anticipated to receive national accreditation from the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) under the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards in the first half of 2019. “We will provide high-end products to customers by upgrading product quality through the reliability center,” an official from the company said.

Joo Young-keol, CEO of Hyundai Electric said, “We believe that the reliability center will allow us to benefit our customers with high-end products and upgraded quality. We also will expand our R&D investment to five percent against sales and double the number of researchers by 2021.”

Hyundai Electric has been stepping up its efforts to broaden its global R&D network by setting up a research center in Switzerland in December last year and expanding its technology center in Hungary in February this year.